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Paint Brushes
Julian Christopher - Cornish Artist

About Julian Christophers

I was born in Penryn near Falmouth, West Cornwall, in 1964. Today I live and work in the house where I was born. 

I was originally encouraged to paint by my dear dad when I was 8 years old. He suggested to my brother Andrew and I, that we attempt a festive Christmas painting. With a few old tubes of paint and some brushes, we got to work.


Andrew’s depiction of some (highly unseasonal) horses and jockeys, was far superior to my silhouetted Magi on camels riding in close proximity through the night-time desert. When dad looked at our finished works, he thought Andrew’s was very good but he laughed out loud with derision at my effort.


He commented only that it looked like a blacked out stegosauraus and he joked about it to the very end of his days.


Little did he know that I would be hooked on painting from that moment on. I’ve still got that dinosaur picture, which my son can now laugh at too!

These days I’m probably a little better known for paintings with my own, very personal take on people, seagulls and trawlers and many other subjects from life’s rich offering. 

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